Simplified Home Improvement – 3 Best Natural Ways To Fix Scratches On Wood

You should learn these techniques in order to be able to minimize the visibility of the scratches on your precious wooden furniture and other wooden areas in your home. We all know how nicks and scratches on the surface of your precious wooden furniture can be annoying. Luckily for you thought, they can be easily fixed with simple home improvement, do-it-yourself techniques, therefore – why not give it a go?

Better To Prevent It

Before we give you out our home improvement secrets to removing scratched from your beloved wooden furniture, let’s just first have a talk about prevention. It is not said in vain, that prevention is the best medicine. With that in mind, you should really make sure that your number one priority is to keep your furniture from the dangers of getting scratched in the first place. You can do this by placing pads on your furniture, which will prevent it from scratching wooden floors.

Make sure you put pads on heavy dining chairs that you move around a lot, as they are the main culprits for many scratches. In addition to that, put silicone pads on heavy sofas that just sit there for a long time on your wooden floor.  When you have to rearrange the furniture and move it around, make sure you don’t drag it! Avoid dragging furniture, but if you feel there is no other solution at least put some soft cloths underneath it, so that it can slide across your wooden floor, without scratching it.

Now that you know all about preventing bad things from happening, let’s talk about how to solve problems that are already there.


Deep scratches horrify me the most. You know the ones which are so deep in the wood that actually leave the wood exposed? The majority of people just lament over these scratches not knowing they can in fact be fixed! The solution is quite simple really. All you have to do is rub some meat of an almond to it! (I told you it was simple!) You can also try to fix the scratch by rubbing a walnut to it or other types of nuts. In fact, make sure you try different nuts, in order to see which one suits the best your type of furniture and its color, and is the most suitable to fix the scratch. In addition to that you can fix it with a spray or a glossy finish in order to stay in place!

Coffee & Tea

If you come across a scratch that you simply cannot fix, then it is high time to leave home improvement projects behind you and just have a cup of coffee or tea. Just kidding! Applying coffee grounds on a scratch can in fact make the light-colored scratch on a dark wood appear darker! This is just one way of getting rid of the annoying scratches! By dabbing some of your coffee grounds will make the scratch disappear, or at least appear a bit darker, but you will have to wait a few hours before applying more. The same goes for tea bags, just use black tea and not chamomile tea.

Lemon Juice

If you have to fix a minor scratch on the finish you can do so just by applying some lemon juice to it. This will not necessarily fix a scratch which is in the wood, but if you have just the damaged the finish, lemon juice will make it disappear for sure!

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